Many residents wonder why are some residents required to obtain prior approval of their landscaping plans from two Architectural Committees?

  • The CC&R's for the Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association (the Master Association) require submittal of landscape plans from all of its members.  The Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association does not receive any profit from the $125.00 review fee which must be paid by each homeowner submitting plans for review and approval.  The review fee is the amount actually paid to the landscape architect engaged to review the plans on behalf of the Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association.

  • The CC&R's for several of the Sub-Associations which are included within the area governed by Northwood Pointe (Trailwood, Canyon View, Arborcrest II, Somerton, Arden Square and Collage) do not require their residents to submit landscape plans for review and approval by the Sub-Association prior to the Master Association review and approval.

  • However, the CC&R's for other Sub-Associations (Rosegate, Lanesend, Northwood Villas, Georgetown, Lexington and Arborcrest) require residents to first obtain the approval of the Sub-Association for their landscaping plans, and then to obtain the approval of the Master Association.  This allows the Sub-Association to better control the look and character of landscaping within the Sub-Association, and to ensure compliance with any unique Sub-Association landscaping rules.  The Sub-Association landscape/architectural fees are controlled solely by the Sub-Association and not by the Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association.

  • The fees involved in the Sub-Association landscape plan review do not fund the separate review conducted by the Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association for compliance with the Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association CC&R's and landscape rules.  Please call the Architectural desk at 949-838-3239 at Keystone Pacific for additional information or questions regarding the architectural submittal process.

Please remember the following when submitting your plan to the Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association for review:

1. We need three (3) copies of your proposed plans, one (1) copy of your Application Form and a complete Neighbor Awareness Statement signed by all of your surrounding neighbors and a check for the review fee in the amount of $125.00.  Your check should be made payable to Northwood Pointe Maintenance Association.

2. Please remember that according to the Northwood Pointe CC&Rs, the Architectural Review Committee does have thirty (30) days in which to review your plans.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your improvements.

3. We will notify you by mail when we receive your plans.  Approval or disapproval of your submittal will also be communicated via mail.  If you would like to drop off your plans in person, you may make an appointment by calling the Architectural desk at 949-838-3239.

These documents require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have this program, please click here to download.